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If you are looking for a brand new, energetic and affordable co-working space to unleash your startup dream, DOVA is definitely the place for you to go to!

Located conveniently in YauTong next to the MTR station and the mega shopping centre‘Domain’, you will be connected to a wide selection of shops, restaurants and entertainment.

Knowing that startups require inspiration and creativity, DOVA has dedicated a large common area for you to relax, think, play, connect with others or simply enjoy a cup of coffee.

With the vision of supporting startups to expand their businesses, DOVA offers flexible and affordable packages with great services including private offices,hotdesks, event area, lockers, meeting room and printing services.

Set up by startups enthusiasts, DOVA CO-WORKING SPACE provides you with a cozy and stylish co-working space that aims to empower your creativity and productivity.

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